Our Story



He is the inspiration. Serendipity is the reason he was in our life! I took my children into a pet store at the mall just to look at the animals. We walked all the way through looking at the dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. My kids asked if they could get a puppy. My response was it has to be an all black male shepherd. I thought for sure I was in the clear because I did not see one! I asked the sales clerk if they had one and low and behold they did!! I questioned her because there is no way they could have one! I was then directed to the cage with the Siberian Husky in it and there he was… sleeping behind the Husky, out of sight. The rest is history. He was part of our family for close to 15 years. He was our protector and playmate. He was such a smart dog. I swear he could understand what we said to him! I made him these treats because it was important to me to have him in our lives as long as possible.